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Why you should always have your camera with you...

Unfortunately this is not my photograph, but could have been, if I had had my camera with me...

I was going fishing in Dorset and was driving down this country road towards Dancing Ledge, which is near Swanage. I had already seen a Buzzard on a telegraph pole and thought, if only I had my camera....

A little further on, on the same road, this young Buzzard was on a fence post at the side of the road. I thought, well I have my phone and it's pretty close, so I stopped, wound down the window. The Buzzard alighted and moved to the next fence post. I drove on stopped and tried again. It alighted and moved to the next fence post. I tried a third time, this time it flew over the car and landed by the passenger side, on a fence post. I wound down the window and it flew off. If only I had had my camera...

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2 comentários

02 de nov. de 2020

Thank you Neil. Good advice that we should all heed!

Always have your camera with you. You never know what opportunities will crop up.


Pete Ricketts
02 de nov. de 2020

Recently I had a similar-ish experience, I was driving on the A46 and saw a Buzzard flying low over an adjacent field, I actually had my camera in the boot of my car but couldn't find anywhere to pull in and stop on what is a busy road. Oh well, next time.

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