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     2024 Calendar of events: bi-weekly meetings

    DATE                      EVENT                                                  LOCATION

11/01/2024  DPIC Final Review & 2024 Programme                 Resound

25/01/2024  Finalise Programme + Subject Challenge             Resound

08/02/2024  Talk: Josh Dury                                                      Resound

22/02/2024  Inter Club Comp  Results Review                         Resound

07/03/2024  AGM EVENING                                                     Resound

21/03/2024  Talk: Graham - Bridges!                                       Resound

04/04/2024  Teach - Why B&W? - plus Raw Edit Challenge    Resound

18/04/2024  Review of B&W and 'RAW Challenge'                  Resound

02/05/2024  Teach Session Basics/Composition                      Resound

16/05/2024  My (Life In) Pictures - Mat                                     Resound

30/05/2024  Review from 2nd May                                           Resound

13/06/2024  PRACTICAL Night                                                   TBA    

27/06/2024  Review from 13th June + Urban Photography      Resound

11/07/2024  PRACTICAL Night - Urban Photography                TBA

25/07/2024  Review Urban Photography                                  Resound

08/08/2024  PRACTICAL Night                                                   TBA

22/08/2024  Review from 8th Aug                                             Resound

05/09/2024  My (Life In) Pictures - Manni                                 Resound

19/09/2024  Club Comp. - My best image in last 12 months    Resound

03/10/2024  Teach - Portraits & Lighting                                   Resound

17/10/2024  Practical Night - Portraits                                      Resound

31/10/2024  Review Portraits & Inter Club Selection 1             Resound

14/11/2024  TALK Shaun - Wildlife: 'How To' - settings etc       Resound

28/11/2024  Inter Club Comp  Final Image Selection                Resound

12/12/2024  Christmas Party/Meal                                              TBA

Coming Up


Each year, the club plan together an annual calendar, with a wide range of events. We will have some teaching, some practical, and always fun evenings reviewing our work to challenge and improve our love of photography.

We run a regular "Subject Challenge" each meeting to encourage us to get out and take images on a theme/subject.

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