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Time spent in lockdown....

So I hope you are all ok. In lockdown I've been working from home and at the weekends doing some much needed painting in my house. Other than that without being able to go out with the camera I've been revisiting a few of my old photographs.

So instead of looking forward I've been looking 2013.....when I was still trying to work out how to get consistently good shots. It's quite liberating to look backwards and then think of more recent photos and consider what progress has been made.

So back in 2013 I was using Nikon (come on, what else?) a D7000 with a very huge 16 megapixels. Huge, massive and not so at all nowadays. How times change in cameras as in life. So here is a shot I took in July 2013 at the Yeovilton air show:

This was taken with a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and I was really pleased with it.There were loads of other shooters there with huge long lenses and big full frame cameras - some with massive tripods. Made me feel a little out of place but there you are - Shutter priority, ISO 100, 1/3200sec, f3.5. Not bad for 7 years ago.

Here's another know 7 years ago and it's been a while since I looked back on these. I probably focus on the latest photos I've taken and usually I'm planning to take more - but in lockdown that is not the case. Time passes more slowly so a bit of reflection is actually quite nice. I've even found some terrible photos that I took and no, I'm not posting those on here!!!

What a dull sky for this one. And you know with the Red Arrows they are so brilliant that you want to watch them and that's not easy through a camera viewfinder! Amazing pilots and they put on a great show.

So that's it for this little post. It's good to reflect backwards and to remind yourself of past efforts that sometimes all too easily fade into the immediate past - into history.

So dust off those hard drives and get looking at some of your old photos. I'm going to carry on doing this because sadly the lockdown continues.

Keep well and be safe everyone.

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