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  • Graham White

A Time to Stop and Stare

It was great to share our handsome visages last time, and keep the encouragement flowing. And a relief that we are all okay and surviving the cabin fever. Our standing ‘house-joke’ is, “er, what shall we do today- decorating, allotment, walk, allotment or even decorating?”.

Personally, I’ve appreciated being unplugged from ‘doing’ and embracing ‘being’. Some inspiration came from a book on landscape photo technique: it made me think about how can I make a picture speak rather than just be a recording. Yes, the book was aimed at art undergraduates. This led to trying some online study. The ‘Shaw Academy’ course ended up being a device to milk our limited income although it was certainly thorough. The ‘Udemy’ courses are my current favourite; the Close Up Photography was a giveaway at £14. And of course everyone wants to show you precisely how it should be done on You Tube.

And thanks to Neil’s tip ages ago, there’s plenty of periodical issues to read via RBdigital/ your local library membership- for free…steal the march on Manuel’s upcoming presentation on astrophotography (!) by reading latest issue of Practical Photography. So when this crisis eases, I may just get round to stopping the ‘doing’ of all this research and ‘being’ a photographer!

Happy snappin’.

PS: Image from ages ago found while rummaging through the archives. I recall it was an attempt to capture autumn-ness in a shot; all comments very welcome

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