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Vintage Aircraft At Compton Abbas Airfield - 10/06/2023

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Pete Ricketts & myself ventured off to the Compton Abbas Airfield for a day out photographing vintage aircraft including a Spitfire. Weather was great, so great the factor 30 sun cream had to come out.

We arrived at around 10:30 and there was plenty of parking available. There is a resturant on site selling food & drinks together with toilet facilities. The Spitfire was taking off on the hour, every hour taking passengers on a 40 minute flight around the south coast and back to the airfield. I did notice on the website that the cost was around £2,500. Here a link to the airfield website -

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2 commentaires

14 juin 2023

Great story. Sad I couldn't go as I was away in Ireland on a family break - although I can say that I would have needed Factor 50 suncream! Really good to see these old planes still working and lovely photos to show off what was clearly a great day out. Well done.


11 juin 2023

Glad you had a great day. Looking forward to seeing more of Pete’s and your photos 😉

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