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From the Chairman

May I wish all club members a very happy new year for 2022 - one which I hope will prove to be better for all compared to the difficulties of 2020 and 2021. I also hope you have been able to enjoy a good and safe festive period.

During the break I've been thinking about taking photos and what I hope to do this year if circumstances allow.

And so firstly I'm hoping to continue taking photos for Keynsham Town FC. As you all know I like sports photography and this has proved to be something that I not only enjoy but where you can give back to the local club who host the photos on their Flickr site. My partner in this venture is Pete who I am grateful to for introducing me to it. Not only is it great fun it's a great workout for the camera and for getting the right settings. And for testing high ISO settings!

These were all taken at the end of November in poor light - only the top right was taken without floodlights on. Going clockwise from the top right the settings were 1/2000 ISO1600 f1.8, 1/1600 ISO 6400 f1.8, 1/1600 ISO 10000 f1.8 and 1/1600 ISO 10000 f1.8. All taken using my Nikon D750. More football to come between now and May I hope.

And very soon later this month the Doynton Hard Half Marathon takes place again having last run in January 2020 which was lucky just before the first lockdown. 2020 was the third year that I've supported this very worthwhile local event organised by the Emersons Green Running club. The 3 shots below were all taken with my Nikon D500. I'm really looking forward to this so fingers crossed it goes ahead.

Moving into May I hope that the Badminton Horse Trials will run again after being cancelled the last 2 years. A great event - in fact a world class event in Equestrian sport taking place just a few miles up the road. Fantastic! If it happens this year it will probably rain....but I will be determined to be there camera in hand - or more accurately cameras in hand as I use 2 on that day. Again all these shots are taken with my Nikon D500.

Across April to July I try to do some motor sport at our local circuit Castle Combe. I always enjoy watching the racing and coupling this with taking photos. Actually a splendid day to also take a packed lunch including pork pies and scotch eggs...I look forward to it all! I was able to do some of this in 2021 for the first time since 2019 so last year was an improvement! Shots taken with Nikon D850.

Of course I do other things - not just sport and so throughout the year I wander around taking photos of things that I enjoy. Here are a few that are not sport taken in the last few years.....with Nikon D750.

So there it is I do take photos of things that are not sport!! It's just great to get out and about and I think after the last 2 years we will all appreciate that more than ever. Here is another and a chance for me to get in a steam engine - you didn't think I'd forget did you?? Nikon D750.

And so in August I very much hope the Great Dorset Steam Fair will run once again. As a little boy my mum and dad used to take us and the memories of the steam engines, the steam, the whistles and noise, toffee apples and music from the fairground rides has never left me and I always try to go.

In September I hope to be at the Burghley Horse Trials near Stamford in Lincolnshire and the second great world class equestrian horse trials event of the year. Like Badminton a great day out where you can get great shots of world class horses and riders. Brilliant. These shots taken with the Nikon D750 using my 50mm f1.8 prime lens set to f4.

It's time to sign off now but I hope you will look at this as I have done and think of the opportunities for photography that I hope will be there for us all in 2022.

Whatever the subject matter we are stronger as a club with a variety of topics covered and I wish you all good shooting and good light in 2022 - and also follow any guidelines in place and above all keep yourself and others safe.

Here's a last photo - typically Bristol to look forward to our club year together.

And of course do please write your own article on our blog! Thank you.

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